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We Pay Cash for Houses: Are These Ads for Real?

We have all wondered about the We Buy HousesforCashguys. You've probably seen the "We Pay CashForHouses"or "We Buy Homes" signs nailed to telephone poles and stuck on barbed wire fences along the freeway. Maybe you've received a flyer in the mail that promises investors will buy your house-- in any condition -- and forall cash. A smart person might wonder what's the catch? Because a smart person would figure it sounds too easy and too good to be true.
The cash-paying buyers often advertise the types of situations they are searching forin hopes that you will call them.

Generally, these companies will point out that you will pay no real estate commissions but most of the time, sellers net more by hiring a listing agent so only sellers that need to sell fast should use a cash-for-houses company. They don't charge fees because they typically process the sales in-houseinstead of hiring an outside service, and they pay fortheir own title policies -- or even skip title insurance . The strategy used by cash-for-homes companies is to multiply the estimated retail value of the home by 70% to 80%. To determine your if it makes sense for you: Your offer will likely be less than 80% of your home's market value.

Soome buyers take title "subject to" your existing loans , meaning they take over your mortgage payments . You are still on the hook forthat loan until it is paid off. NOT-US- We pay cash for the house and pay off all the liens so you have no conection to the house.

First, realize that whether you sell to a fast-cashbuyer or a conventional buyer, you will receive cash either way. The difference is a conventional buyer will probably pay more, and the conventional buyer will probably take out financing that will pay off your existing mortgages.

The bottom line is: do you need to sell your home fast? If yes then is it worth it to sell your house to a cash-for-houses company? Try multiplying what you think your home is worth by 10%. Would you pay that to sell your house fast? This is after all the expenses don't subtract what you think you might save in closing costs.

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